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Andrew Tisser emergency medicine expert witness

So Why Choose Me?

From my early days at the New York Institute of Technology-College of Osteopathic Medicine to my  residency at Upstate University Hospital, I’ve always been drawn to the fast-paced and highly demanding field of Emergency Medicine. Over 7 of practice, I’ve treated thousands of patients in high-pressure emergency situations, honing my skills in critical care, trauma response, and patient care standards.

Working as an expert witness has allowed me to leverage my extensive knowledge and experience in Emergency Medicine to assist in the legal arena. I’ve provided expert opinion in numerous cases, each time offering comprehensive, clear, and unbiased insight into the medical aspects of the case.

As your expert witness, I am dedicated to providing thorough, accurate, and unbiased evaluations and testimonies. I understand the weight that expert testimony holds in a legal case, and I am committed to ensuring that the medical facts of your case are presented as clearly and accurately as possible.


Services Available:


Case review and analysis: medical malpractice and personal injury for both plantiff and defense. 


Deposition testimony. 


Trial testimony.  


Consultation on medical standard of care and emergency department protocols and procedures. 

Much More!

If you’re seeking an expert witness who brings a wealth of Emergency Medicine experience and a dedication to thorough, reliable testimonies, let’s connect. I would be honored to discuss how my expertise can support your case.