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Join Andrew Tisser (Talk2MeDoc Podcast) with Dr. Carolle as she discusses what makes up health and how to deal with the stressors of the system.

By the end of the episode, you will learn the value of healing oneself, her approach to patient care and how to truly connect with our patients!

Today’s Guest

Carolle Jean-Murat, MD FACOG

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG is a board-certified OB-GYN, a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and a primary care specialist. Born and raised in Haiti, she comes from a family of healers, shamans, herbalists, and midwives. She was educated in top universities in Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, and the US, giving her a broad-spectrum approach to medicine and invaluable multicultural knowledge.

She is a gifted medical intuitive and spiritual healer who has helped thousands over the past four decades from all walks of life. Her medical training and methodologies, combined with her intuitive skills, bring an important piece to her integrative approach towards her clients and patients.

After completing her postgraduate training in obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the University of Madison in Wisconsin and the University of California, Los Angeles, she settled in San Diego in 1982 where she had a successful private practice for many decades.

She has practiced medicine in different settings from academia to remote hospitals and community clinics in Haiti, Mexico, Native Americans reservations and the US. She has performed surgery and deliveries in the most sophisticated hospitals in the US and under a flashlight in Haiti and Mexico. She has helped thousands of women and men, including wounded warriors suffering from military sexual trauma (MST).

Dr. Carolle is an intuitive healing mentor for residents at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and she has extended her knowledge and intuitive healing abilities to physicians who are suffering from burnout in their field and find themselves unable to deliver the kind of compassionate effective services that they intended in the beginning of their medical journey. She has created a three- step-process that investigates, identifies root cause and transforms each health care specialist, giving them back the control and balance they need to operate on the highest level possible in their medical career.

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“We cannot afford to lose one doctor to burnout or suicide.”


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Andrew Tisser 0:19
Good morning. Well, I already recorded a little introduction about you for the listeners, but in your own words, could you tell everybody who you are and what you do and what your role is in healthcare?

Dr. Carolle 0:32
first need to understand how I see health and diseases. I we are an entity made of our spirit, our mind our body and to be in perfect health. There has to be a balance between the three. And the way I see if you have a weak spirit, it will affect your mind and it will affect your body and the imbalance will present itself as symptoms, emotional and physical symptoms. So the person will start let’s say, I can sleep I have worry. I have anxiety.

So those emotional situations and they will go and see it. They go to the doctor and say, Oh, am I having all these symptoms and they might give them a pill. And, or it’s going to they go to see a psychologist, and then they say, let’s deal with it. You know, the stress what is happening in your life and all these things. And then if this continues, it’s going to then affect the body. And this is how this is occur. And if we do, if we continue that trend, eventually they’re going to get worse and you’re going to die.

That’s the way it is as simple as that and that’s what I teach. My my residents that I mentor as you see as you see the University of California School of Medicine and any symptoms is the tip of the iceberg. And any, we need to find the root cause. And because if you don’t treat the root cause we go into

Dr. Carolle 2:16
is just putting a bandaid on a gaping wound. We have a woman and you just put a bandaid. So, my, my, my father, my according to my grandfather, I’m a spiritual healer because I understand that balance and I helps within the spirit if it’s within the spirit, you’re going to sit in the mind, sweating the body. According to my father,
I’m a mirror.

Dr. Carolle 2:38
I understand how the body works like I just told you and how we get sick. And when I am with a patient, whether over the phone or or I am somebody I’m coaching on like I’m talking to you, I am able to, I see very quickly what is happening where is the imbalance and I can Make you see and give you the opportunity to heal yourself. And according to my residents, or the doctors I work with or in my patients, they say you are an intuitive healer.

The reason is being able to ask one or two questions and ask them finding out what is the well is the imbalance and quickly being the mirror like my father say showing them, Hey, this is what you need to work on. So this is who I am. And what is my role in healthcare now, for for I, I like I’m speaking with you now in my fourth language, I have be a I go to Mexico, or I go back and forth to my country in Haiti where we have a small hospital and I am able to see I would I say Whenever I have,

Dr. Carolle 4:02
for example, I could be in the hospital and there was 40 patients, for the people waiting man, male or female. And I didn’t have any, um, I don’t have any How do you call it the supplies or anything? So wherever I am, I’m able to see what’s going on and have the person heal themselves. And I’m when I’ve residents with me or whoever I’m with me, I’m able to teach them what is going on. So it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter where you are a big entity or in a small place or in your clinic. Unless you understand how things work. Unless you solidify your spirit in your mind in your body.

Dr. Carolle 4:47
You will not be able to provide the care that the person comes in front of you is asking for so my what I what I’m doing now I’m still dealing with patients When I’m not in my clinic, I my my gift is to teach the residents and whoever whoever I would say the doctors, we will look for my help to help them understand that heal themselves in and be the best healer that they can be to be the, you know, to have them regain the love of medicine.

The reason why they went to medical schools if we know the statistics about two out of three doctors are burned out in three out of four may be costly, otherwise it’ll burn out which is the tragedy is a pandemic that we have. And so, being able to so very easy for me is to that’s what I stopped working with. day to day patients except when I go to a clinic where I have been working for 22 years where I work with the residents but most of them

My time now is to be the teacher like my father see the mirror for them to understand what they are very quickly and able to avoid burnout and stay in medicine. That’s my goal. My goal is to do that too. Because I burned out. I couldn’t fit into this Western medicine. I’m trained ob gyn surgeon, I’ve done surgery in the top Hospital in the world and I’ve done surgery under a flashlight. So when I start understanding the mind body industry connections with my patients will I will they will heal without the knife.

So of course you have malpractice insurance and of all the things going on, you’re unable to, to do what I know spiritually because from my background, so I burned out so and I had to learn we learn we accept we uncover who we are truly as human beings. That’s what I want to teach. That’s my role teaching is great.

Andrew Tisser 7:04
That’s wonderful. I think, unfortunately, you know, my focus is on the early career physicians and we’re seeing more than ever, widespread burnout and dissatisfaction among those fresh out of training. And wherever whereas, you know, you talk about using the spirit body and mind together to to heal. I think a lot of our young physicians are unable to reconcile how they feel about their patients and how they want to practice or how with how they’re being forced to practice in the current climate.

Dr. Carolle 7:38
Yes, and and that’s what I like working with the residents. And then we spend I do a mentorship they do a day electives with me, and we continue working over the phone. So what I do with them is just like, because they will send patients to me at the clinic they were hemorrhaging almost to death or having to everything, nothing works and I’m explained to them this is what how they get sick.

And then working with me be able to understand that’s what they’re not teaching them you have your symptom you finally do the blood test sometime even before you see the patients and and so I’m teaching them so they understand the patient so then and for why when we work together to three months, and then they know they mean anymore because they were able to do the healing demo to see we talked about communication,

let’s say in the part of communication, how you communicate with a patient, it’s, it doesn’t matter where you are, could be in a waiting in a line of 40,000 locations, thousands of patients waiting, and then after an earthquake or you could be in the place where you can have like I have people coming in my healing place where we spend a day or two if they choose to. If it’s about you, it’s about how you understand the patients in our do understand yourself and you can stand in the middle of it.

Dr. Carolle 9:06
did my residency training, it was held, you know, like, I’m a woman, I’m black. And I have. And I would say, Why is this? Why is it this way? And they will, they will tell me it just because so I took my time, I was lucky that I was trained. I was very well trained before I started my residency training at Mount Sinai in Milwaukee.

So I would see this is the way it is, and I’m going to make a change my goal, I was going to make a change for my residence for the students who will come through us and but I have to be solid within me. I have to understand why I took the time and I believe we can change anything. So that’s why I believe in strengthening my resident standing with the person that I’m working with, where they know where they stand on the balance between the mind the body in the spirit, then we then we cannot change that.

We have no 20 hardware codes that do not communicate to each other or they were forced upon us you have to do this you have to do that, that they have the rules to see if the government you know, the media and the patient’s everybody coming at you, but I when you are strong, and what comes to mind right now is that Chinese into Naaman square standing in front of it, of a tank, you can stop thing and, and my goal is to make the physicians understand

Dr. Carolle 10:32
When you you first you have to deal with yourself like me, in a hospital where there was no women, no black to say, this is this is this cannot continue that way. But then still, you don’t you don’t feel like oh, I have to pay my bills. You have to do that. Until you heal yourself. You cannot heal the system. So this is what I’m showing to people. You be strong and then you decide you decide this in You could say, I could say yes, it can happen if I change the system at Mount Sinai for the my residence and my student, anybody can do it, especially if you’re white.

Andrew Tisser 11:11
Fair enough. Yeah. What I’m hearing from you is your advice is to take control of yourself, find out what what you need to deal with within yourself so that you are able to deal with all the external pressures, right? You, we’ve heard it said that 10% is circumstances that happen to you and 90% of how you feel is how you react to those circumstances.

Dr. Carolle 11:35
And what’s happening to our patients. When they come to us. It’s all due

Dr. Carolle 11:42
There’s what’s happening with their with the finances, what’s happening to on with the children. Essentially, it’s, it’s,

Dr. Carolle 11:51
I call it the spirit is threatening our call. When you stood our call, you can survive anywhere. I can I’m, for example, I go back and forth to Haiti. Whenever I go to my small hospital, if I cannot say too long, because there’s so much going on the drain me and I feel so I cannot help. I cannot help. Well,

if you don’t be surprised if you have any operating room running when there is no electricity, no water, so, and I choose my battle, but I tell people choose your battle. We have our small hospital, I’m in the board of directors, and they believe they follow what I tell them because I’m seeing how do we find the problem? How do we fix the problem one by one, I use the metaphor of a cake with multiple slices and each entity, we as a person, or be a big community or the world that we have different slices

that we deal one by one we can look we’re going to deal with the problem we don’t. For example, I remember when I went to our small hospital and I’m And I was when I went to Haiti and in a meeting, we meet with the, you know, the community leaders, the people who were leading, you know, the administrators, the there were no administrators. Nobody knows what was going on. And then they were asking questions and I see, oh, my I can tell you how the hospital works.

Dr. Carolle 13:27
I’m going to do an audit and I’m going to just let agenda meeting we’ll meet tomorrow. So essentially, I went to, and I saw the patients come in the emergency room, all the different places in the hospital, I just went there walked as a patient, and everybody’s telling me doctor cover this, we don’t have this. We don’t have that. So then when I come and give them this is what’s happening. Then when I realized, oh my god, we don’t have a budget. It’s fairly small.

Why do we do so being able to help after look I’d look at it like a cake sitting on the table, I can see all the slices and I was supposed to work and as it is not a pretty picture. So why did I choose to do to help the hospital I chose to give a bonus to the employees once a month for the past 20 years, I sent a bonus for the 12 employees to maybe boost their morale the better with the patients because they know even though there is no money to pay them in the first of the month, the money doctor capital the money that I provide,

I waste the money and that it will happen. So I choose what is the best way to to approach the problem. So this is sometimes we see Oh my God, we have the healthcare just like the trains already left the station and we have the you know, all these rules and regulation coming to us blah, blah, blah, sit up. Take a breath. Be in the moment. What is happening to you personally. How can you do Change, you’re claiming I can you change?

How can you be the best when you have the patience in front of you and the patient, you just look at them, they look at you and they start crying because you open what it’s called the heart chakra. They see you there for me, you’re there for me. The healing starts right there. So you can start being in the chaos in like, going to Haiti in a hospital or going to clinic in Mexico. I can do my my little slice, which is every patient who comes in front of me, since I know what’s going on and my gift has an intuitive I can see what’s happening in their lives and I can quickly tell them, this is what’s happening.

And this is what you do. So I i in the middle of the chaos, I can do the best I can with in the moment with that particular patient. So that’s what I teach. Don’t see the whole set of thought. What do you do just now we have this virus. I am having As person I am I see I call on my friends, those who are elderly, those when I say do you have everything? Do you want me to order something for you? So each of us, instead of trying to see the problem as a big problem, if choose the little slice of the cake, and then do the best for each person communicating with each other, with open communication, what is each person 14? What is if you’re working as a team, what is it, you do this, I do this, I do this, I do that and then together, we have results. So that’s how I see it.

Andrew Tisser 16:34
Oh, that makes sense. I mean, I think a lot of that is applicable to right now. Given the shortage of supplies and given the everything that’s going on is focused on your your little slice of the cake, right and what you can do to help you to help yourself to help your family and to help the patient in front of you.

Dr. Carolle 16:51
And then in the disease and this is the same things that happen in any entity anywhere, anywhere in the world. I’ve lived Many different countries so we are all the same and just like our choosing our battles not not not want to deal with the whole cake. Yes And together we all make a difference and it’s the same if we have a clinic is the same if we build a big hospital and it’s the same Yes, that’s the way these as simple as that. And that’s what I teach. That’s what I my, if you work with me, there is no way you’re going to burn out because he’s just okay let’s slowly define who you are. So you ask me who am I? And then and I see Hmm,
who am I?

Dr. Carolle 17:40
Who am I? As a woman who am i is as a wife, as a sister, as a as a mother. Yes, we are. We have all these entities and you see, what is our strength? And my strength right now is the all the years of working and knowing too much, my father said The mirror to be to teach to educate, it’s simple, it’s get a slice, you know, let’s get a slice of the cake. Let’s get in one slice and do the best we can.

Andrew Tisser 18:10
Now that makes a lot of sense. Well, let’s say so let’s without giving away too many of your methods, let’s say someone comes to who’s, that’s two years out of residency training, half a million dollars a debt, hates their job working 80 hours a week, can’t really feel that they’re connecting to their patients to to the burdensome documentation and insurance companies.

Dr. Carolle 18:40
I would say step one, step one is Who are you? Why did you go to medicine for what is well, what is happening in your life in your relationship? What is it and then being? So I have developed what is called a three step process, the way I was And I can tell you and the truth is first you say, Tell me everything that is happening to you in your life and tell me everything that what have you tried to do? And then why do you want? That’s the thing, what do you want? So and remember, when I’m working with the person, the goal is you’re going to stay in medicine.

So we’re going to see exactly what the particular person is the medical relatedly each person is different. Some people are very good, especially the new doctors with the medical records. What is it exactly? So I will go exactly and see what that person is dealing with. And then give them the solution for what to deal with one at a time. And then I would say that let’s say you have 10 things. So you’re dealing on the medical records you can maybe that’s the time doctors start getting together and ask we want when we’re creating the medical records for us,

we want it to be patient friendly and doctors friendly and doctors are putting their head in the sand and this is your you’re going to work here, this is what you’re going to use to know that’s the time to say like it when I was the resident noise, I’m going to continue that way. So if it’s a medical record, it’s I don’t have enough time with my patients because the new residents, the, the new or the resident, all they know about the medical records is this all doctors, you know, who are all elderly person who’s trying to put everything together. So I can teach you how to make how to make the best out of each encounter out there to connect with your patients.

Because the ultimate, the ultimate thing in health care is when the patients and the doctors come in the room, the two of them, whether in the hospital, whether in the clinic within the private practice, wherever it is, it’s how do I connect with that patient? How do I Healing starts right there even without any testing and anything, just your presence of putting the computer aside in how you grieve that patient, or you look at her, or you owe him and say, I am here for you.

And when you have in the middle of the tales, when you have that, it does the reason we went to medical school right to do the best for patients when in amidst the chaos, we get that little slice of connecting directly with our patient. Then we feel they feel validated, we feel validated, and we and then we next so what I tell us if it’s the company just within the chaos, take a breath, leave everything out there outside the door, when you knock on the door and go inside instead of the patient. Hi, Mrs. So and So Hi, Mr. Swing. So

Dr. Carolle 22:17
the patient seat so just leaving everything out the door and walk into the room and look at the page look at the beast, I have patience. You know I do a lot of consulting I used to now I’m just dealing with doctors. And this is the doctors they didn’t even look at me. I don’t even exist. So something as simple as that.

Andrew Tisser 22:40
Well, that’s you know, that’s communication at its at its base level, right just even if it’s nonverbal,

Dr. Carolle 22:46
but none of these nonverbal because the, the pitch we have we know about energy well mind body and speed, but part of the Spirit is the energy. You know, when somebody doesn’t like you, you know, remember your mother, my mother Just look at you, you know you better behave. People can read your mind. And then they will tell you, they will tell you what’s what’s going on.

You don’t have to work, I walk, you know, the resident will say, we’ll send you a patient to spend five minutes with a patient, and then you don’t do any tests, and they will hemorrhaging to death. And they know they won’t believe what happened. And I said, I’ll give you an example. They send me a patient, 42 year old female, who was was been bleeding and bleeding. They couldn’t find what’s wrong with them. Of course, you have any insurance at that clinic. So that’s what this that’s what I do the consulting, so here’s that.

She comes in, and she sits on a chair and there is a table there’s a computer to my right, and I’m sitting on the stool, right. And then I just look at her I say, Mrs. JOHN, where are you? Why are you here for and she said, I’ve been believing in And then they don’t know what to do with me. And SME says john, why are you bleeding? She looked at me because I’m the specialist was going to tell you.

Between you and I patients know why they are bleeding we just have to ask them that’s what I mainly work is so easy. Mrs. Jones, what are you bleeding? She said, I don’t know. So when I’m told my gift is opening a part of their subconscious, so everything comes up and as a musician, I hold her hand I held her hand I see why and I look at you into the eyes. Why are you bleeding and she just said I lost my son you ago and cautiously.

Dr. Carolle 24:38
She wants you to die enjoy this done that period. Or it could be why are you having this pain? or Why are you having this pain? We need to have to do a diagnostic laparoscopy. We’ve done everything everything of endoscopy column, colonoscopy and everything. The next thing is to have a laparoscopy. Why do you have this pain because the altra sound system Nothing the cuts and nothing. Where is it? It’s, I lost my dad.

And I could not go to the funeral. So she’s having what is called complicated grief. So that’s why it was in your guts. So, and I could tell you all those how the emotions are going to come out as physical symptoms that that’s what I teach. So it’s just like we got to, according to your specialty, what is the most difficult case you have? How you can increase your intuition? How can you be you have 15 minutes with a patient Oh my god, you can do everything in five minutes. So I teach them I teach my ways events, how to connect. And then as soon as you connect them, you open a portal and you open the heart chakra the open that’s what they call it.

I mean, can you open the yo yo, open the hotshot I think we need to cry. And then when the patient’s cry, you Just like, Oh my God, I’ve been suffering that’s what’s happening in the patient’s mind. I’ve been suffering. All this year is a doctor one understand. And we are the two healers just like, Hi, how are you? Hi, I’m okay, I’m here for you without seeing it, and then the patient is more likely to heal the patient, you less you’re going to save money in, in by all the testing, blah, blah, blah, blah. By the time the patients come to me, they’ve done so much to them. And that’s why now the nurses say leave the screwed up send the patient

The Doctor shamira and then and you ask them why. So it’s patience. No, and then the going to heal he just like sometimes insane. Okay, I’m going to show you. Yes, we know what is happening. And another thing that I think is very important. We have to have a very Oh, halfway connection that that’s to be patient and physician focus. Well, that’s one thing I’m working on is creating, you know all the knowledge that I have you have like all the apps or the patients on one side and and even in and then we have the doctor on the other side. So what what happened is is just like when the person comes even before going to the room you’ll have the patient with a fill out all those forms on just learn about all this two days to fill it out.

And then it will spit it out and this is what it is this is Oh, she a blood pressure is elevated is not because she’s not taking the medication is because a son who was very abusive to her is back into house or, or a husband has an affair or something. So it’s it’s, it’s like you say it’s working with one person what is it is particularly not working and then finding the solution. I just happen to have this all in my head I’m not. I’m at the computer and emitter room and then just wildly Why are you grieving? So that lady was grieving the loss of a son? And then she was hemorrhaging. And I told her, where is your arm? What is? Do you pray? And she said, I’m angry at God, why are you angry at God?

Because God is God’s took my only son, but I said, I see your daughter. And then as are you, and then she has been crying by then I said, do you do you know, do you believe Jesus crisis? Is your Savior CSM to his question? He has a cross and I said, we have a cross my God, just like you can connect and ask for help. And I said to her, how, how do you believe your son your son was 21 and died in an accident? You believe your son is an angel say my son has to be an angel. He said, Miss my son, I miss my son to tell me. He loves me. And I said, I love you Mama.

She stood up and she was crying. I hugged her and she said, I love you mom. I love you and I become the son for her. Then I told her now you’re going to pray you need to go back and get the strength because nothing was on this medication. You’re going to pray and she said, Yes, show me and I said, Jesus, sweet Jesus, the Lord of the storm healthy, I’m weak. And whenever you feel the pain when you feel it in your gut in your because the way you carry that baby, that’s why it’s you leaking all this blood.

And if your patient could be Jewish, I cannot see I cannot pray to Jesus but and it’s I would say, I deny I deny leave alone. I speculated Hebrew and you may be right good Sadie, very evil, oh, your God is with me. I shall not fear God is with me. I shall not fear that’s what I think the Spirit is the most important part, strengthening the spirit. So as healers we need to strengthen our spirit. And then just by teaching our patients to strengthen our spirit, that’s what I do when I go to Haiti or in clinic in Mexico or clinic or clinic for the poor hidden in the in the US. It is the people or the swinging the spirit.

Andrew Tisser 30:00
So that’s very powerful and certainly not something we’re taught in medical school we are focused on the body. So that’s, uh, yeah, that’s that’s quite powerful. I mean, I think even in a few minutes you can connect to a patient. I mean, I’m an emergency physician, so I don’t have much time with anybody but yeah, the ones that I truly connect with, I think are the ones that do better.

Dr. Carolle 30:23
Yes, and you see, and the just looking in the eyes in leaving, you know, your busy emergency room and then walk into it you when her or him home or with the with a with a parent with a child, the way you come into this unspoken. I’m here for you. I’m going to do my best for you. Just that.

Andrew Tisser 30:49
Yeah, that’s certainly powerful. What do you what do you say to to people that physicians that come to and just say, I’ve had it I want to quit medicine or I don’t want to be a doctor. anymore

Dr. Carolle 31:06
those who come to me want to stay in medicine that’s my reputation you go work with her and then other weeks of a week process one week process within a week we work together we’re going to find out what what is not working and you’re going to you’re going to go back to medicine that’s my goal that you go back to medicine and we can afford to use to lose one doctor for burnout by when our suicide we have the highest rate of suicide in the population.

So those who come in agree to work with me first I have to you know, I have to scream you just like you want to stay like this. Why do you want that’s what I want, then we’re going to work on it. And and then this is finding which slices are not working, you know, finding out and then Oh, please Oh, within, oh my. What I do is I say laser focus, miraculous and transform.

Andrew Tisser 32:02
fair enough. It’s, that’s very important. I think we’re losing doctors yes to burnout and suicide constantly. And I think it’s only gonna get worse unfortunately, given the current crisis.

Dr. Carolle 32:14
So, unless, unless that’s what see, one of the reason I’m talking to you today is, is not only to you know, I’ve got so many clients I can I can have with other life, but it’s educating, you know, listening to strengthen your spirit, what do you want to be in medicine? What is it that is missing? What is it then what is the slice of your cake that is doesn’t work out and deal with it. And I plan to do courses I want to do so many things I want to do and put them to put them in, in our they say, digitally, so people can just go and learn. So I’m really working working with that right now. So that’s great.

Andrew Tisser 32:55
I’ll be looking forward to listening and looking for those. So Let’s just shift the focus of the show a little bit to learn a little bit more about you. What do you like to do for fun these days?

Dr. Carolle 33:08
Oh my god, I have I have a healing center that I created that when I burned out, and I left my private practice, and it’s been 20 years so I will do so if you go to I have some pictures on my website and Dr. Carol calm the CEO nav that calm and you see, I have my healing place people come in and spend a day or two with me at my beautiful retreat. So I have uploaded last week for the roses. I have. I have a beautiful botanical garden I have. So I’m in my garden all the time. I am. I take voice lessons. I’m a soprano. I sing in a choir. I am a comedian. I would I do I paint. I barely dance.

Andrew Tisser 34:00
Have you at all?

Dr. Carolle 34:02
No, I haven’t. I am. I have a wonderful life. I was a wonderful life. And I’m good friends with family members. And, you know, people want to come and say witness Get out of my place. And then you know, they come like I know, in I have a 11 year old, smart kid who stuck with me in a learning, teaching what life and we’re playing Domino’s is beating me. He’s beating me. And finally, I’m starting to win a little bit. Oh, this place. This sucks. I say, this is life. We win and we lose. And we tighten our belt and we start all over again.

Andrew Tisser 34:40
Your happiness is infectious. I think it’s wonderful. Really. Do you have any book recommendations for the listeners?

Dr. Carolle 34:49
The first book was the first book I read was when I was growing up in Haiti was the second sex, nudity and sex like women as a second class citizen, but I’m good up with my grandmother was very spiritual. My family were very spiritual. So when she was very spiritual, she always told me to be everything I want it to be, but there was no women doctors there were, you know, they were, and I wanted to be a doctor. So when I read that book, and he says you could do anything you want. And then so that’s what the first book that changed my life. And then also I’ve written many books. And the last book I’ve written is called heal your life. It’s on Amazon and and so I’ve many books, funny books, and that try to it’s to heal your life is the best for now.

Andrew Tisser 35:47
Great. Well, you already said your website. Is there any other ways that listeners can contact you if they want to learn more?

Dr. Carolle 35:53
[see above]

Andrew Tisser 36:09
And Dr. Caroll. Could you give us early physicians one single piece of advice to help them have longevity in their career? What would that be?

Dr. Carolle 36:22
Seven out of the 11 reasons why physician burnout as something related with patients the ability to give care or not be able to, to be care or connected with their patient. I would say when you go to see a patient, be in the moment with that particular patient. Because then that visit what is the five minutes or 10 minutes you’re going to replenish yourself by knowing you’re doing something with the patient is the simple thing for the patient to be satisfied satisfied with You is that connection.

And he’s just like, you have you even though whatever happens, as soon as you’re in front of that patient, your balloon was deflating If it was up again. And you do that with each patient, one patient at a time, totally in the present totally in the moment. And that patient would feel by feeling understood just by you looking at me, that particular patient is going to be opened and then so there’ll be least resistance they’ll be the whatever you’re going to recommend is going to be taking into consideration the healing studying occurring right there. And then so be in the moment with each patient. Doesn’t matter where you are in a fancy place where they come here with me, or spending hours or in the line after an earthquake where there are hundreds waiting for you.

Andrew Tisser 37:56
That is a very powerful message. Well, this is there’s been a lot of You’ve given me a lot to personally reflect on for my own practice, and I’m sure the listeners will really respond to your message. So thank you again for coming on the show. I really do appreciate it.

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