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    Join us for today’s episode as we discuss the ongoing debate between direct care and traditional primary care with family physician and Atlas MD’s co-founder, Dr. Josh Umbehr. Discover the key differences between these two medical career paths and the benefits they offer for doctors and patients. Learn how Atlas MD’s innovative approach to direct care is changing the healthcare industry.

    • Introduction of Dr. Josh Umbehr, a board-certified family physician and co-founder of Atlas MD.
    • Discussion of the ongoing debate between direct care and traditional primary care, and why it’s important for medical professionals to understand the differences between the two.
    • Explanation of the benefits of direct care for doctors and patients, including increased access, personalized care, and reduced costs.
    • Insights into what to consider when choosing between direct care and traditional primary care for your medical career, including government and insurance regulations, board certification, and training requirements.
    • Description of how Atlas MD’s innovative approach to direct care is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by focusing on patient needs and eliminating the burdens of government and insurance regulation.
    • Conclusion and call-to-action for listeners to explore the benefits of direct care and consider it as a potential medical career path.

    Today’s Guest

    About Josh Uhmbehr:

    Josh majored in human nutritional sciences with a minor in biology. He also did extensive research on the effects of vitamin A on lung cancer. He then graduated from The University of Kansas School of Medicine and completed his family medicine residency at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. After completing training and becoming a board certified Family Physician, Josh opened Atlas MD, a practice that he had been dreaming about for nearly a decade. Atlas MD represents his ideal medical practice where he’s able to shrug off the burdens and restrictions of government and insurance regulation so he can focus solely on his patients and their needs.

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