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    Join host Andrew Tisser as he sits down with Amanda Hill, a renowned healthcare attorney based in Austin, Texas. With extensive experience in government and healthcare groups, Amanda provides valuable guidance and counsel to physicians and healthcare management. In this episode of the Talk2MeDoc Podcast-“Healthcare Law for Medical Practices,” Amanda shares her knowledge of the legal issues that arise in running a medical practice and how they can affect doctors.

    From employment law and agreements to investments and corporate compliance, Amanda delves into the importance of seeking legal advice and sheds light on the role of a company attorney. She also touches upon the challenges doctors face, such as dealing with complex patients and navigating medical board complaints, and provides tips for overcoming these challenges.

    Listen in to learn about investment opportunities for doctors, sexual harassment policies, and the changing perception of doctors in society. Amanda shares her passion for helping doctors feel safe and protected in their practices, and how her latest venture, Guard My Practice, provides 15-minute videos on topics that affect physicians. With a cost of $825/year, Amanda’s videos offer a year’s worth of content and valuable insights on contracts, fraud and abuse, employment issues, HIPAA, and more.

    Today’s Guest

    About Amanda Hill:

    Amanda Hill is a highly respected healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas. She has worked with physicians and healthcare management throughout her career, providing guidance, training, and counsel. Amanda is the author of the Fraud and Abuse Manual and Build Your Compliance Plan for the Texas Medical Association. In 2015, she founded her own law firm for healthcare organizations and specializes in physician practices in Texas. And in 2022, she launched Guard My Practice, a new company that provides educational videos for doctors to help them feel safe and protected in their practices.

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