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Join your host Andrew Tisser in this refreshing format of the Talk2Medoc Podcast as he talks about: How to Approach Starting a Side-gig as a Physician. Generally, physicians are always paid well. If that is the case, why then should a physician consider having a side-gig? In this episode, Andrew explains the many benefits of having a side-gig as well as the technical areas that first-timers must look into when establishing a side-gig. He believes that side-gigs are a must to consider for every physician. If a doctor wakes up and suddenly they’re no longer in practice, financial goals can be in question. For Andrew, this question becomes less of a concern to physicians with diversified income streams.

In this episode you will learn:

  • “Why need a side-gig when you’re paid well?”
  • The Benefits of a 1099 Pay.
  • Getting a side-gig? Ask these questions…
  • The areas to look into before starting a side-gig.
  • Do you need to tell your employer?



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