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Join your host Andrew Tisser and guest Chelsea Turgeon as they talk about the doubts that healthcare professionals have over their work and how one can figure out if a career shift is a solution. As someone who’s been through the same, Chelsea now helps burnt-out medical workers pivot away from clinical practice. In this episode, she expounds on the role that doubts have in a professional’s life and on why thinking “it can get better” may not always prove true in the end. For Chelsea, being clear on why you’re unhappy, what’s important, what is enjoyed, what one is good at, and how one can serve the world are essential questions to ask when someone wants to make the dramatic decision to leave their career in healthcare.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Think of your doubts as messengers.
  • On delaying gratification and living in the future.
  • Be clear – what do you like and what do you hate?
  • Go back to your
  • The five questions to ask to gain clarity over your next step.


Today’s Guest

Chelsea Turgeon

Chelsea is a former OBGYN turned career coach and digital nomad. She helps healthcare professionals change into financially stable careers they actually enjoy. Chelsea works with them to find something that is really fulfilling, so healthcare professionals don’t feel like they’re wasting time on earth.

She believes there is a way for everyone to serve the world that doesn’t leave them feeling so drained and depleted. Chelsea is obsessed with helping people leverage their strengths to make a meaningful impact on the world.



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